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Fulfill your dream! Record your songs with someone who has already produced success, such as NOVELA TRACKS, GREAT PLAY ON THE RADIO, INTERNATIONAL AWARDS, ETC . Now everything is fast, easy and for a price that fits in your pocket!

Totally Online!


Many people dream of recording and publishing their

songs, but don't know how to do it.

Now you will know the way it has

it worked for a lot of people.

1st) Send a recording of your music from your cell phone. With or without accompanying instrument. Nothing too elaborate. It's just to know the music.

Boca no celular.png

2) We will make the instrumental base according to the musical style, your preferences, etc. And we will send it to you for approval.

Banda e Arranjador.png

3) After approval of the base, there are 3 options to record the voice:

  • Use one of our Professional Singers.

  • Come record with us (Rio de Janeiro)

  • Record the voice in a studio close to you and the studio sends us the voice track over the web below.

Gravação voz estúdio.png

4th) We will do all the finalization with professional mixing and mastering and editing resources, such as voice pitch correction.

5th) And finally, if you wish, we can forward your music to partners that upload it to digital platforms: Deezer, Spotify, You Tube, Itunes, etc. It's your music reaching the world.

antena 2.png

Imagine having your songs

produced by whom already

produced these hits!


 Outstanding Group. "Bye Bye" was theMOST PERFORMED MUSIC on radio stations in Brazil, at various times between (Nov.97  and Jan.98) Participation in programs by Xuxa and Serginho Groisman, etc.  Gilsinho, the vocalist, is the current  Performer at the Escola de Samba Portela of the Grupo Especial in Rio de Janeiro.

Bye Bye - Fora de Série
Amante Apaixonado - Fora de Série

2010 - present

2010 - present

Capa CD Todo Poder.png

All Power - Banda Yachidi. The song “O Senhor é meu Pastor” (voice recording and mixing based on our 1st studio) was inserted in the SOUNDTRACK of the Globo soap opera “Meu Bem Querer”. The song "O Amor de Verdade" was also widely played on evangelical radio stations throughout Brazil.

O Senhor é o Meu Pastor - Banda Yachidi
O Amor de Verdade - Banda Yachidi
Medieval Action (youtube).png

Music tracks for games  at the UNITY ASSET STORE, the largest online sales platform for game assets in the world. reaching2nd place in "ORCHESTRAL"(Top Paid List - 2015) Getting in betweenthe 10 most sold by the beginning of 2018.

Middle Age - Sample 1 - Mario Bastos
And  a lot more...
Experience makes all the difference

Mario Bastos -Works with: Fagner, Martinália, Lazão (Cidade Negra), Danny Carlos, DJ Robson Vidal, Leo Jaime, Marcos Goes, Erasmo Carlos, Ed Wilson, Eduardo Dusek, The Fevers, Golden Boys, Fora de Série, Banda Yachidi, etc. Productions for Games, Radio, TV, Theater and Advertising. Labels: BMG, Virgin Records, MK, Indie Records, Grape Vine, etc.


Quality music production prepares your music  for success and public recognition.

See testimonials from some people


"Sensational... Mario understands all

ideas, captures everything and transforms it into musical production."

Alfredo Assumpção 

Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Wow... how beautiful the songs were! Everyone loved it... Thank you so much Mario Bastos and the team!!!

Carlinha Pompeu

Sao Paulo-SP

selfie 3.png

It is the realization of a dream. I cried with emotion when I heard it. ...The singers are wonderful...

Paulina Moraes

Count - MG


"Everything perfect...voices, modern instruments. It turned out better than I imagined."

Aline Schmidt

Curitiba - PR


Best production I've ever done. My manager is excited... Preparing Clips now.

Paulo Mattus

Amambaí - MS

Submit your songs now!

Choose one of the 3 Music Production options. all with full instrumental including voice recording:Top, Standard or Demo.

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