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Choose your production budget.On the page"BUDGET" From this site you can see the costs in three different ways:Top, Standard or Demo. In each one there are samples to listen to. (Computer access lets you listen to more tracks).   

Mario Bastos, Music Producer, Arranger, Musician and Sound Technician for over 20 years. Former partner of Planet Mix studio and producer. He recorded with big names in MPB, in addition to producing and participating in several tracks for radio, tv and theater, some of which were awarded. 

Eclecticism is its characteristic. With productions and arrangements that reached media projection, ranging from samba to pop, from rock to gospel.

Informação Profissional

In his former studio, Planet Mix, he recorded with names such as: Fagner, Martinália, Cidade Negra, Danny Carlos, DJ Robson Vidal, Leo Jaime, Erasmo Carlos, Eduardo Dusek, The Fevers, Golden Boys, in addition to several other musicians and actors.

Musician and Arranger of tracks for radio, TV, theater and institutions. Work with production companies,  and advertising agencies such as: DC Vox; SVC Video; Crystal Productions; Abracam Films; Contemporary; etc.  

Composer and co-producer of the soundtrack for the play O Gato Malhado ea Andorinha Sinhá (Jorge Amado) – Best Children's Musical - several awards - 92.

Arranger of the CD Fora de Série – Label  Virgin – 1996.

Accompanying musician for independent artists: Grupo “Fora de Série” (Virgin), Marcos Góes (Line Records) and Renato Suhett (MK Publicitá).

Composer of the soundtrack pack for games "Middle age - Medieval Action Music Pack" included in the TOP PAID list of the Unity Asset Store since 2015.

Former partner and Technician of the studio “Planet Mix Produções Musicais Ltda” for seven years. (Barra da Tijuca – Rio). Audio recording, mixing and mastering. 
• Recording and editing of spots and voice-overs in general.
• Audio restoration (noise reduction).
• Clients such as: BMG Publishing; Manchete Gospel FM; Via Show; Wet and Wild; Grape Vine Records; Patmos Music; Brazilian Roots; Dittacor Advertising; J3M Informatics; various Evangelical Churches etc.

O Músico

Tecladista e Pianista 

Estudou Erudito e popular.

Harmonia Funcional com Ian Guest. Aconpanhou artistas como; Marcos Goes, Renato Suhett, Grupo Fora de Série, etc.

O Produtor

Estudou Produção Fonográfica com Mayrton Bahia. Atuou como Produtor / Arranjador e ou Técnico em produções de artistas da MPB, como também em produções independentes.

Produção à distância

2010 - present

2010 - present

You can come to Rio to record your voice with us or record it in a studio close to your home. All material can be sent via free cloud services (DropBox, Google drive, etc.). It is digital and there is no loss of quality. You may even be following all the evolution of instrument arrangements and recordings over the internet. At the end, we send the mixed and mastered songs so that you can press your CDs or publish them on the internet with professional quality.

Do you live in another city?
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